Ski apartments

Ski chalets are once again becoming an interesting investment option. If you spend a lot of time in the European ski resorts, or if you have a favourite resort that you return to every year, have you considered buying a ski apartment? There is a wide selection of ski chalets and apartments to buy in many European resorts, and many are available to foreign buyers, too.

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Where To buy ski apartments

Switzerland is one of the most popular ski destinations in Europe, and it has some of the best resorts and the best ski routes in the Alps. Unfortunately it is not as easy for foreigners to buy property in Switzerland as it is in some of the neighbouring countries. Switzerland has strict laws about foreigners' right to own property, and ski property prices are generally higher than in Italy or France.

Italy has some ski apartments to buy, but the best options for UK buyers are in France. It is possible for foreigners to legally own property in France, and French laws regarding foreigners' right to buy apartments and to live in the country are more relaxed than similar laws in Switzerland. Many UK residents feel at home in France because of the large expat community, and because it is easy to travel between France and the UK. Most ski resorts in France have properties available to buy. Available properties include ski chalets, ski apartments and timeshare deals.

The Benefits of Owning Ski Property

There are many benefits to owning property in a ski resort. If you visit the same ski resort every year or even several times a year, it is convenient to be able to return to your own chalet or apartment. An apartment in a popular resort can also be a great investment. If you decide to let your property to tourists or even friends when you are not using it, you will probably be able to cover all maintenance costs and the property will pay itself back fast.

If you decide to use the property only for your own ski holidays or for inviting friends or family for holidays, the decision to buy can be based on your personal preferences. If you are going to let the property to other ski tourists and use it as an investment, it is important to consider carefully the location and the type of property you plan to buy.